Unique Eye Makeup Tips

Unique eye makeup.

Amazing Eye Makeup Tips

How to Shape Your Eyes with Shadow

Learn various ways to apply eye make-up to improve the way you look. Well-applied makeup can open or lift your eyes.

How to Makeup Close-Set or Small Eyes

If you have small eyes or close-set eyes you will want to make them appear larger or make them look further apart. Use a small makeup brush to apply a light colored reflective eye-shadow over three quarters of each eyelid. Load a small brush with a darker shadow and run the brush from the eyelash line to the corner of the eye. Use a dark liner on the outer top and bottom corner of the eye and apply an extra coat of mascara to the outer eyelashes only. Take a beige eye pencil and line the inner rims. This will make your eyes look larger.

Eye Makeup for Wide-Set Eyes

Use a darker shadow to draw your eyes in. Apply light-colored eye-shadow from mid eyelid to outer eye crease. Apply an extra layer of mascara near the tear duct. Accentuate the inner part of your eyelid and fade the color as you work your way across the eyelid.

Eye Make-Up for Mono-lids or Thin Eye Lids

Give depth to your eyes by applying darker Eye Makeup to the lash line and a lighter shade of shadow above. Apply the layer of light shadow right up to the base of your brow bone. Those with thin lids often find their eye-liner becomes invisible. Examine yourself in the mirror to ensure you apply sufficient shadow. Use your eye liner to create a thicker line that can easily be seen.

Eye Makeup for Hooded Eyes

Women with droopy lids find the loose skin covers their eyes. Avoid applying light-colored shadow to the hooded area because it will draw attention to the problem. Load a small eye brush with base color and brush the shadow across your eye. Apply a light layer of darker shadow over the base coat. Use your finger to blend the shadow over the upper eyelid and continue to sweep it beneath your lower lashes.


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