Services Offered By A Licensed Private Detective

Whether it’s something concerning a old friend, or maybe, you want some information on a cheating spouse, a licensed private detective provides services you need–unless the service you need is a bikini waxing or something. Their ultimate goal is to uncover the truth. Most private investigators work as a team and deliver first class, confidential and thorough investigations. You can surely rely on them for your specific needs.

An investigator inspects a property.
Private investigators can determine if the other party is following court orders.

Private detectives offer a wide range of services. Some of them specialize in a single area, or a few areas, while others offer a full breadth of services. Most private investigation agencies in the country hire these investigators with diverse backgrounds in order to provide wide range of services to their clients.

So before you go ahead to seek a legal advice form an attorney, give them a call. They gather facts and information. They will document all their findings with photos, reports and videos.

If you’re planning to hire a PI, make sure to understand all about the services offered by them and request references or examples of supporting case materials. Friends of mine had a great experience with e-Investigations International, licensed private detectives based out of Atlanta GA. I’ve also been told that in New York, you can’t go wrong with R.Q. Investigations.

Some of the services offered by private investigators (PI’s) are:

Domestic relations, surveillance and stakeouts

Private investigator conducts surveillances to secure information as it relates to personal and spousal relationships. Videos and photos accompany invfestigative reports.

Background checks

Licensed private detective carries out background checks for the purpose such as martial and pre-employment cases. There aren’t many salons or spas that require background checks, however. They can obtain civil and criminal records as well as valuable asset information, education and prior employment status.

Courier service

They deliver documents as per the directions of clients or attorneys. They can fulfill immediate requests as well.

Investigate missing persons

Private investigators fulfill immediate responses on finding missing kids or family members. They also search for missing heirs.

Record searching

PI’s also conduct civil and criminal record searches and can retrieve documents form police departments, courts and government centers.

Workers’ Compensation Claims

According to insurance companies, around 28 percent of their claims are fraudulent. Even just one such claim can mean millions of dollars of loss unnecessarily.

A private detective can look into these employee claims to verify their legitimacy. The insurance companies also benefit in another way as well-This approach deters others from pursuing their bogus claims.

Pre-employment Screening

Sometimes companies may need background checks on applicants. For instance, an airport shuttle service may check the driving histories of applicants with Department of Motor Vehicles to see if the person applying for post has requisite credentials.

Parents can also hire a private detective to check credentials (personal, financial or criminal history) of would-be nanny.


Companies prefer to research before investing money or time in a new company or some financial deal. Even though a company may appear to be legitimate, with a great looking office, and good client referrals, but can be actually a scam. A private detective can check public records for small claim judgments, licensing, state and federal tax liens, bankruptcies, defaults and other judgments.

I once heard a story about a successful salon owner who nearly invested $50,000 into a fake business in another city. What saved him was his gut instinct to visit the premises and inspect it, even though his business partner was a life-long friend.

Asset location

They can local real estate, banks and employments for purpose of conducting background checks or for satisfying judgments.

Attorney services

They can file court papers, serve process for attorneys and clients and conduct asset searches.


They use video recordings and/or photography for stakeouts, domestic surveillance, and accident reconstruction.

Child custody

They can assist parents in returning the child to the parent with legal custody. They can also conduct thorough surveillance campaigns, even stakeouts, to ascertain status of visitations for the purposes of alcohol, drugs or abusive behavior. A few hairdressers at the spa I go to have run into custody issues in their life, and they were much better of with the help of a PI.

Witness statements

They can locate and contact witnesses in criminal and civil matters to secure written and signed statements about their personal observations.

Process serving

They can serve court documents to defendants in small civil, criminal or claims cases. They can also locate defendants if requested.

Security Consultations

A business may want to secure property, premises or its assets, and sometimes even information. Some firms may need nighttime security or a sophisticated alarm system. But others may need a comprehensive electronic surveillance, strict computer security, a loss-prevention staff. Experienced private detectives can easily recommend security techniques and services to prevent inventory theft or for ensuring employee safety.

Electronic de-bugging

Private investigators may carry out countermeasures sweeps for companies and individuals concerned about electronic spying. Their team uses hi-tech gadgets and can travel to any part of the state or country to conduct sweeps.

A good PI may offer initial free consultation or extensive presentation of services to all prospective clients. Their highly trained staff is available to help you or your business with all personalized needs.

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For my Friends in Los Altos

California is a beautiful part of our country, there is no doubt about that. But not enough people are talking about the drug problems in some neighborhoods like Los Altos. Friends, don’t struggle needlessly. There are plenty of reputable drug rehabilitiation clinics that are there to help you shake the habits that are keeping you down.

One quick, free phone call is all it takes to learn if your insurance will cover your treatment. People in California from Los Altos deserve to get clean!

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Are you Following the Correct Order when Applying Your Makeup?

A makeup artist applying makeup to a woman's face.

Many people (especially young ladies) wonder: is there actually a “correct” order to put on your makeup? As it turns out, makeup specialists agree that in order to look beautiful you need to follow certain steps. These steps are purposefully crafted to make you look fabulously beautiful 🙂 The whole point of putting on makeup is to look pretty and possibly even younger, right? So if you want to look like a diva and not some smudged horror movie character (LOL) you need to know the proper order of applying makeup.

I can help!

Whether you’re a college freshman who wants to look your best on your first day of school or if you’re heading for your very first job interview, this article will surely give you the confidence boost that you need since we will be teaching you the proper order of putting on makeup. A stash of makeup is useless if you don’t know which ones to use first and which ones to put on last. This insightful read will make you look gorgeously beautiful all day long so long as you rigidly follow our makeup order advice.

Assuming you’ve done your skin care routine which involves cleansing, toning and dabbing on sunscreen it’s time for our makeup routine!

  1. The first step is to use a primer or a moisturizer. Notice that we used “or” and not “and”, which means that you need to choose only one. The reason why you can’t apply both is because a moisturizer regardless of how light it is will always interfere with the main function of a primer. So if you want to use a moisturizer then go ahead but make sure you don’t add any primer afterward. Concerned about the size of your pores? The Blonde Shell posted an awesome blog that talks about her research into the best makeups for larger pores.
  2. If you don’t have a moisturizer then your first step has to be putting on a makeup primer. The whole point of applying a primer is for your finished makeup to last a long time. Most primers come in the form of gels and you can apply it on your face using your bare fingers. Most women put a generous amount of primer on their whole face but you need to pay special attention on areas where makeup comes off quickly like the eyelids, lips, chin and nose. Before you proceed with the next step allow some time for your primer to rest maybe around five to ten minutes so your skin can absorb all of it.
  3. The next step is to put on concealer. You don’t have to put it all over your entire face. Just choose areas where there are obvious blemishes. Need more help with this step?
  4. Foundation comes in next. You need to put this on to even out your skin tone but make sure that you go for a foundation that matches your skin type. You don’t want to walk around looking interracial.
  5. Loose powder is another very important step after your foundation to make sure that everything before it stays in its place. It will also leave your skin smooth and glistening.
  6. After you’ve done all these steps it is now time to contour. This is when you will add color to your cheeks and your eyes. Your blush should be applied on the apples of your cheeks and you can make these prominent by smiling. For your eye shadow go for three different shades; light, medium and dark. The dark shade is for your upper lid, the medium is for your eye’s crease and then the lightest shade is applied just below your brow.
  7. After you’ve applied your eyeshadow you can now go into more detail putting on eyeliner both on the upper and lower lid.
  8. Lipstick comes next. There is also a proper sequencing in putting on lipstick. Usually we recommend balm and then liner and then the lipstick and then dab on some gloss.
  9. After applying your lipstick you can define your brows by using a light colored eye pencil.

This is the proper sequence to putting on makeup straight from the minds of makeup experts as far as I know. If you don’t get the results you’re looking for please don’t blame little old me 😉

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What Is In Your Cosmetics?

If you wear or apply cosmetics, there are a few things of which you should be aware. In an extensive study, the University of California found those who make a living at beauty salons or give manicures and pedicures are four times more likely to develop cancerous tumors of the bone. The list of dangerous products includes shampoo, conditioner, hair color dyes,nail strengtheners and polishers, and various types of detergents.

More research shows an issue with talcum, facial cosmetics, and bath products.

Manufacturers have used harmful ingredients in makeup and lip products in order to make them stay in place for a longer period of time. Aluminum has been a common ingredient that has proven to be a major health issue.

Many cosmetics contain coal tar based dyes for color. This ingredient may add color, but they have also been known to cause symptoms as small as dermatitis and as harmful as skin melanomas.

People who use powders containing talcum should be concerned about where they use it. The first reports of this were made by Dr. Daniel Cramer back in 1982, after he found that those who use these kinds of powders to control wetness and odor in their genital areas are putting themselves at extremely higher risk of cancer of the ovaries.

Mascaras and contact lenses can be a problem as bacteria are drawn to them. The worst of these bacteria, called pseudomonas aeruginosa, resists treatment and can be transferred to the eyes when applicators poke the eyes or lens-wearers unknowingly place contaminated lenses into their eyes. This kind of bacteria can cause a person to become blind.

Bubble baths are a problem for those who are sensitive to the ingredients. Reactions to detergents used in them include rashes, respiratory problems, genital, and urinary infections.

For years, experts have believed that cosmetics are not a problem. This is due to the idea that our skin protects us from harm. However, the recent rise in popularity of transdermal patches proves that skin absorbs much more than previously thought.

Some cosmetic manufacturers do not bother to test their products over the long-term. In fact, a large number of them simply do not test their products as testing can be costly. Those who discover their own sensitivities to such products tend to quietly switch products without complaint.

Adverse Reactions to Early Cosmetics

We now know that face powders containing mercury or arsenic poisoned early Egyptians and Elizabethans. Cosmetics were not regulated and even now, they are not properly investigated before production and use. Over 80 years ago, a product used to darken lashes and eyebrows caused a woman to become blind. Lash Lure continued to be sold and in just a few months, a woman actually died after using it on just one of her eyes. Five years later, “Kormelu” was introduced as an safe and effective facial, arm, and leg hair remover. It actually contained rat poison that had already been exposed as causation for pain, paralyzed limbs, and hair loss.

If you do not know what is in your cosmetics, now would be a good time to look into it.


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Unique Eye Makeup Tips

Unique eye makeup.

Amazing Eye Makeup Tips

How to Shape Your Eyes with Shadow

Learn various ways to apply eye make-up to improve the way you look. Well-applied makeup can open or lift your eyes.

How to Makeup Close-Set or Small Eyes

If you have small eyes or close-set eyes you will want to make them appear larger or make them look further apart. Use a small makeup brush to apply a light colored reflective eye-shadow over three quarters of each eyelid. Load a small brush with a darker shadow and run the brush from the eyelash line to the corner of the eye. Use a dark liner on the outer top and bottom corner of the eye and apply an extra coat of mascara to the outer eyelashes only. Take a beige eye pencil and line the inner rims. This will make your eyes look larger.

Eye Makeup for Wide-Set Eyes

Use a darker shadow to draw your eyes in. Apply light-colored eye-shadow from mid eyelid to outer eye crease. Apply an extra layer of mascara near the tear duct. Accentuate the inner part of your eyelid and fade the color as you work your way across the eyelid.

Eye Make-Up for Mono-lids or Thin Eye Lids

Give depth to your eyes by applying darker Eye Makeup to the lash line and a lighter shade of shadow above. Apply the layer of light shadow right up to the base of your brow bone. Those with thin lids often find their eye-liner becomes invisible. Examine yourself in the mirror to ensure you apply sufficient shadow. Use your eye liner to create a thicker line that can easily be seen.

Eye Makeup for Hooded Eyes

Women with droopy lids find the loose skin covers their eyes. Avoid applying light-colored shadow to the hooded area because it will draw attention to the problem. Load a small eye brush with base color and brush the shadow across your eye. Apply a light layer of darker shadow over the base coat. Use your finger to blend the shadow over the upper eyelid and continue to sweep it beneath your lower lashes.


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